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Omar Reynoso

Lead Designer & Builder



    We are a team of designers, builders, and creative artists that are commited to providing commercial and residential property owners, as well as businesses, with the tools needed to carry out their vision and  goals with exceptional quality work in the most professional manner possible. When conventional methods of building and design are constantly applied the "cookie cutter" affects it limits, maximization of what could have otherwise been a much more useful and effecient design. Here at Designs By O we think outside the box and pride ouselves on maximizing efficiency and use of  every design and build put before us.




    Omar Reynoso was raised in Queens, NY where early on he demonstrated much interest in how things were made and how they could be perfected. Since as far back as memory allows, he has been dismantling, reconstructing things, and refining them along the way. Through such eagerness and ambition he has found himself taking in many technical and analytical jobs throughout his life, while simultaneuosly pursuing his interests in construction and being a part of many large renovations and developments before tackling them independently. Along the way clients who noted his attentiveness and innovative thinking solicited him for custom pieces of furniture, carpentry, display cases, equipment modifications.




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